This photo was taken two years ago in Japan.


Fumiko is Japanese and loves cooking and currently her interest is tovegetable carvings and decorative Sushi. She believes cooking with love for her family makes her family healthy and happy. She likes to share her knowledge and 20 some years of experience of cooking technique. Please see homepage for food blog.

For shopping Japanese ingredients, she can meet you at your favorite Japanese super market, shop Japanese ingredients with you and teach you how to prepare Japanese food. She also teaches cooking classes for Family style Japanese meals at your house. Please email fumikob@gmail.com for information about her services.

Another love of FumikoB is taking photos, videos with her small digital camera, and posting to YouTube. She posted over 25 videos on YouTube. Check out  fumikob’s channel.

Finally Fumiko loves volunteering to meet people and learn something new. She is Sambassador at Seattle Art Museum, volunteers for Japan in a Suitcase program, and help homeless cooking project at St.Clouds restaurant.

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